Drawing doodles to improve writing

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How can drawing doodles help handwriting? There are many students who find forming letters tricky and it is not specific to a particular age. Students end up with wobbly lines on the page, letters that are too big, or word spacing that is difficult to identify. All of these problems relate to having reduced pencil […]

Escape rooms as educational tools

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Escape Rooms Create Epic Learning Opportunities Escape rooms have come from nowhere to fast becoming a must-do activity. Often on a to-do list as part of a family holiday, birthday activities or group outings. The concept is simple. With a physical experience, you’re locked in a themed room with a group of family or friends. […]

Stocking filler ideas for Christmas

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Christmas stocking filler ideas – where do you start? At a loss for what to include in this year’s Christmas stocking for your child? Here are some great stocking filler ideas for you. Be warned they are all handwriting related! There are many ways that Father Christmas can help the reluctant and not so reluctant […]

Using movement breaks when teaching handwriting

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Movement breaks is a term used within the classroom to give a physical activity break to a child. The aim is to help them to learn more by refreshing their mind and body. They can also be called brain breaks or sensory breaks and are very easy to incorporate into a handwriting lesson. Today I […]

Awesome Tip: How wall paper makes writing fantastic

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Discover how using wall paper makes writing just marvellous Here’s another one of my children’s handwriting activities that will make practice for kids truly fun! It’s all about using wallpaper. Honestly, using this type of paper make writing and drawing more enjoyable.  Handwriting practice for kids aged 4 to 5 Helping our little ones learn […]

Improve handwriting by practising on different surfaces

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How to improve handwriting in different ways Aside from paper and pencil, there are a variety of writing surfaces you can introduce your child to. All will help improve handwriting quality. From an early age your child will learn the fundamentals that are needed to start developing their handwriting skills. This is the start of […]

7 ways to super boost handwriting on holiday

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How to incorporate handwriting on holiday? No school doesn’t mean your child should stop learning and developing their handwriting skills. In fact, the holidays are the perfect time for your child to improve their handwriting – and in fun, holiday-inspired ways! Here are 7 ways to super boost handwriting on holiday. That time is upon […]

Why stencils will make your kids writing great

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Here’s how stencils can improve handwriting Stencils are a fun tool that help your kids begin to understand about pencil control. They can provide a connection of lines, helping them create recognisable shapes. They can easily be used at home, don’t require any ‘messy’ play and the best bit is that a child does not […]

Superior handwriting: Taking off using paper planes

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Having fun and developing superior handwriting skills Superior handwriting with lined paper and origami aeroplanes! Be prepared for some great fun with this top handwriting activity. Today we made origami planes but with a slight twist There are many children who dislike handwriting and I know some parents struggle to know how to incorporate extra […]