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Timetable fro 66 day teenager course

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Q1. We are away for some of it, how will this be accommodated in order to be able to complete the course and not effect things?

The content is accessible 2 days before and 2 weeks after allowing time to dip in and out if necessary. Alternatively 2 days of handwriting activities could be done in one go.

Q2. Can you just confirm the day and time of the class please?

There will be no set time to do the classes or worksheets as the videos are stand alone pieces. The zoom calls will be on Thursdays 8.00 to 8.30pm. I know many teenagers do not want to be on a call. I am going to have a question box in the dashboard where they access the content. Here they can email me their question. The calls are recorded.

Q3. I’m very interested in my son taking this course. However, he is 16. Does that mean he can’t take part?

No. I’ve set the ages as a guide. He may find some of the activities a little young or easy to complete but the teaching will be very useful.

Q4. I don't use paypal or have a UK bank account. Would it be possible to pay directly into your account?

Yes of course. Email the support desk and I will raise an invoice for you.

Q5. Why can I not start now?

I am sorry but I have decided to run this programme 4 times a year and make them closed groups. This is because we are not only helping to improve handwriting but also boost self esteem. When someone new joins it can be unsettling to a group.

The timings of the groups are:

  • Summer class 2021 - 8th July to 11th Sept
  • Autumn class 2021 - 7th oct to 19th Dec
  • Winter/Spring class 2022 - 20th Jan to 26th March
  • Spring/Summer class - 28th April  to 2nd July