Hello Mums & Dads,

Do you need help with handwriting for kids?
  • Is your child finding handwriting difficult?
  • Perhaps they are getting frustrated with themselves or worse, started to avoid handwriting activities.
  • Are you asking them to write neater and they just do not seem to know how? Has your child’s class teacher advised that some extra handwriting practice would be good?

You are not alone, there are many children that find handwriting difficult. That is because we all physically develop at different stages and learn differently. Unfortunately, our school systems do not accommodate this and expectations can be too high.

Handwriting for kids
The Answers & Help You Are Looking For
Here at ‘Help with Handwriting’ you will find the answers and advice that you are looking for. Real, professional help with handwriting for kids!
Whether you wish to know what your child should be doing by a particular age or are seeking to buy handwriting worksheets that will capture your child’s imagination it is all here for you. I also offer 1 to 1 support via my handwriting clinic, Skype sessions or an individual assessment.

A range of professional handwriting services & courses to suit all budgets

Supercharge Your Child’s Handwriting In 7 Days – my FREE course for parents. Delivered straight to your email, this popular course won’t cost you a penny.

Handwriting worksheets for sale

My Handwriting worksheets (aka ‘handwriting practice sheets’) are fun and creative. Prices from £1. There are a lot of FREE printable handwriting worksheets too!

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6 week handwriting club course

A step by step programme that shows you exactly how to help your child improve their letter formation, remain motivated to learn and enjoy handwriting whilst still having a lot of fun.

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Handwriting advice clinic

This is an initial handwriting consultation via Skype with an occupational therapist to examine, review and provide next steps guidance to improve your child’s handwriting.

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Skype handwriting programme with OTThis is a handwriting programme via Skype with an occupational therapist consisting of 6 sessions. Each session will show you and your child how to develop and improve their handwriting.
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Handwriting assessment service Sussex

This is a face to face handwriting assessment taking place in your child’s school or home examining and providing next steps guidance to improve your child’s handwriting. After the assessment, you will receive a written report.

Please note, this is a regional service operating 90 minute drive from Chichester, West Sussex.

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New for Autumn 2018

I am in the process of creating new handwriting training for parents. I’d like your help. Please complete this short questionnaire so that I can create something fabulous for you and your child.


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Handwriting homework pack

Help your child remain motivated to improve their handwriting by buying the ‘homework pack’. Everything your child needs for the Handwriting Skype Programme is posted directly to your front door in time for the next session.

This product is only available if you buy the Handwriting Skype Programme.

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One to One Service

For those who need more than excellent handwriting worksheets, I offer services ranging from Skype sessions to home visits, to handwriting training for schools.

Qualified to Help

I have a MSc, BSc OT (Hons) degree. I am a HCPC registered occupational therapist and member of the British Association of Occupational Therapists.

Fair Prices

My prices are both fair and affordable. They range from just £1 for a handwriting worksheet (some are free!), to £750 for a handwriting training course for teachers.

Award Winning

Nominated for the TES Bev Evans Resource Author of the Year 2017. Featured in the Good School Guide, tes Special Educational Needs Show, & more.

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My daughter really enjoyed the Find The Rabbit activities as she enjoyed writing her own sentences.

Michelle Mum of two girls UK
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Sheilagh has the warmest and easiest of styles both for the parent and child. Ollie instantly felt at ease with Sheilagh and the handwriting assessment went very quickly for him as Sheilagh engaged him quickly and made it fun. Sheilagh quickly built a rapport with Ollie and we would recommend her in a flash!

Helen Boarer Mum of one Chichester, UK
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Your ‘Handwriting Programme on Skype’ service has helped homework becoming much less of an issue for my daughter, as it was in the past. She has gained self confidence and enjoyment of writing rather than approaching it with dread and rather than just dismissing all her handwriting as ‘rubbish’ she is now able to note areas of neatness and skill…

Heidi Pannell Mum of two Manchester, UK
Handwriting for children testimonial 1

Hi Sheilagh, I just wanted to thank you for boosting Fraser’s confidence and writing when he was in year 3. Today he got his GCSE results and got a staggeringly amazing 10 A* with A**(9) in Maths and English. He was so anti school and struggling until your intervention when it all turned around for him. Thank you.

Claire Barrable Mum of three Fareham, UK
20 years+ experience says I can help you

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Not sure what service would suit you best? Have a general question? Contact me, I promise to reply within 24 hours.