Hello Fellow Occupational Therapists,

  • Do you work in primary, secondary, state or independent schools?
  • Perhaps you work in the NHS, are employed in an independent school as their school-based therapist or work as an independent practitioner.
  • Do you want to further enable and empower those that you work with?

As occupational therapists, we are great problem solvers who are often looking for new ideas and strategies to help the children we work with. Bouncing ideas off someone who has the right level of experience can be difficult to find. I have the experience you need – and the associations too:

Handwriting Therapists OT associations
Occupational Therapists help and mentoring
Occupational therapy mentor service that suits YOUR specific needs

My occupational therapy mentor service is your chance to receive one-to-one training from myself. It takes place by Skype meaning there’s no need to travel across the country to see each other. Together we will set up a program specific to your needs.
Others have used the time to review complex cases and work out what to do next. They’ve planned handwriting strategies for the whole term or they have received more detailed training from myself. These sessions will also act as evidence to support your continuing professional development.

Because these are set up and created for your needs, the best way to find out how we can work together is for you to contact me.

Look no further I can help you increase your knowledge in all aspects of handwriting (as well as your business skills)

My experience includes writing two published books – one of which is a best seller, creating podcasts that have been endorsed by the College of OT, creating school training programmes, working with COTSS-IP as their business advisor for 6 years.

I know how to manage a caseload of over 100 children and I can advise you on how to be a great independent practitioner.

My MSc research was titled “What makes an expert OT?” and that is what I wish you to become too. My successes include being the supervisor for an OT apprentice who went on to win 2017 apprentice of the year for Kent, Surrey and Sussex area.

The do’s and don’ts for handwriting can be a minefield

Not everyone has the time to read the latest OT research. As part of my cpd this is what I do and I can help you increase your knowledge in all aspects of handwriting (as well as your business skills).

Business skills & handwriting help services for therapists

Occupational Therapy mentor serviceI am currently helping a limited number of therapists, working with them to develop their clinical skills as an Occupational Therapy Mentor. This takes place via Skype. It saves you the travel time, meaning you can spend more time on your own cpd development. It also helps you meet your HCPC requirements.

The supervision I provide is tailored to your needs where you can set the time, the content and the frequency.

If you would like 1 to 1 mentoring I would be delighted to work with you. Please contact me so that we can establish how I can best help you.

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One to One Service

For those who need more than excellent handwriting worksheets, I offer services ranging from Skype sessions to home visits, to handwriting training for schools.

Qualified to Help

I have a MSc, BSc OT (Hons) degree. I am a HCPC registered occupational therapist and member of the British Association of Occupational Therapists.

Fair Prices

My prices are both fair and affordable. They range from just £1 for a handwriting worksheet (some are free!), to £750 for a handwriting training course for teachers.

Award Winning

Nominated for the TES Bev Evans Resource Author of the Year 2017. Featured in the Good School Guide, tes Special Educational Needs Show, & more.

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I requested Sheilagh’s assistance for setting up my business and for clinical mentoring/supervision after finding her from reading her excellent book ‘The Early Handwriting Toolkit’. Sheilagh has been very attentive and supportive and given me the confidence to succeed. She is always reliable and prepared for my mentoring/supervision sessions and keen to share her knowledge and experience. I am so…

Michelle Watson Paediatric Occupational Therapist Vista Therapy. South East, UK
Therapist testimonial

As a Paediatric Occupational Therapist recently transferring from the public sector into independent practice, I have lots to experience clinically but none whatsoever in setting up and managing a business. Sheilagh is consistently encouraging, understanding of my learning style, sends me great resources and helps me set realistic targets. I look forward to her sessions and am confident that this…

Mary Read Paediatric Occupational Therapist Take Part OT Ltd. Cambridgeshire, UK.
20 years+ experience says I can help you

Questions? Contact me

Not sure what service would suit you best? Have a general question? Contact me, I promise to reply within 24 hours.