Hand exercises to relieve aching fingers

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On this page you will find multiple hand exercise worksheets. Hand exercises help relieve muscle tension when writing. They are essential to learn if your child grips too tightly when holding a pen or pencil. They can be very helpful for children who have hypermobile fingers in their joints. Some people refer to hypermobile fingers as ‘bendy fingers’.

If your child comes home from school or after they have done their homework and said their hand is hurting then you need to do these exercise sheets. This is sometimes called ‘writers ache’.

These worksheets are suitable for all ages.

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5 minute hand exercises – a quick guide

handwriting worksheet cover image 5 minute hand exercises

If your child says their hand hurts when writing then give them these quick and easy to do exercises. Guaranteed to help relieve the muscle tension caused by gripping a pen too tightly. Review using a home and school chart. For parents and children 8 years and over. View preview


5 minute hand exercises Preview image worksheet