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On this page you will find handwriting challenges that provide suggestions of what worksheets and videos can be watched every month. By completing them and posting them on our special Facebook page, completion works towards points achieved for the termly prize. variety to everyday to handwriting practice. This is a growing bundle with more months to being included. Usually each activity should take no more than 15 minutes to do. There is an extra challenge to more than asked.

These handwriting worksheets are suitable for children of all ages. You have to be a gold member to access these resources.

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Under 7s May Handwriting

cover minimised image Under 7s May handwriting challenge

Wanting a bit of direction about what worksheets to do this May? Well we have that sorted for you. Download this resource and discover the 6 challenges for May, colouring in page, complete and have fun with handwriting. Suitable for under 7’s Preview


Preview minimised image Under 7's May handwriting challenges