Exam day advice that is helpful

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Exam day advice – that is actually welcomed! An exam day or end-of-year test can be daunting both for the child and the parent. Getting the balance right on what to say can be tricky. They know we want the best for them. Yet how we say that advice can sometimes make us feel like […]

Exam time: Time survival guide

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Exam time is here. Nerves are increasing but fear not. Leading up to exam time and mocks there’s always a lot of talk about what a student should and shouldn’t do. There is talk of revision cards. Using past papers. Making sure that they have a revision timetable. Looking at what you eat and drink […]

How important is handwriting in exams?

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Whatever it is that you are studying and being tested on, no matter your age, exams can be a stressful time. It’s fair to say that handwriting in exams is important.  You are going to want to perform your best and to get the best grade possible. The examiner who is marking your work is […]